Center for Cybersecurity Research of Catalonia

Press & Media

  • 24-04-2019: 'The security of WIFI networks', with Prof. Josep Domingo-Ferrer (in Catalan).
  • 01-02-2019: 'Cybersecurity is not a problem for experts but for the society as a whole', with the ISG/UPC research group (in Spanish).
  • 21-06-2018: ​Cybersecurity: Why this Spanish region has just created a new research center. ZDNet.
  • 29-05-2018: Cybercat, the Cybersecurity Research Center of Catalonia, is bornt. Interview to Miquel Soriano, Vanesa Daza and Jordi Castellà, Catalunya Ràdio (in Catalan).
  • 26-05-2018: "If you want to hold a safe conversation, have it face-to-face, leave your phone". Interview to Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer, Diari La República (in Catalan).
  • 15-05-2018: Cybercat and cybersecurity research. Opinion article by Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer, Diari de Tarragona (in Catalan).
  • 08-05-2018: Catalan universities create their Cybersecurity Research Center. La Vanguardia (in Spanish).
  • 08-05-2018: Six universities create the first Catalan center for research in cybersecurity and data privacy. Vilaweb (in Catalan).
  • 08-05-2018: Cybercat, the first interuniversity research center specialized in cybersecurity. Beteve (in Catalan).
  • 04-05-2018: Catalan public universities create the first Cybersecurity Research Center. El Mundo (in Spanish).